Terms and Conditions


This website is operated by Eroe Athens Jewelry. Throughout the website, the terms “Vendor”, “Firm”, “We”, “Us” and “Our” refer to Eroe Athens Jewelry, that is the sole proprietorship owned by Maria Kalantzi, resident of Neo Iraklio, Attica, 33 Anatolis Street, Zip Code 14121, Fiscal Code 302080523, as well as to the proprietorship’s nominees.

The terms “User/Customer”, “Visitor”, “Buyer” or “Consumer” mean any natural or legal persons who use our website and act for purposes which are outside their trade, business or profession.

The use of the webpages and services of the website by the user/customer requires their unconditional agreement with the present terms of use, which apply to the entire content, pages, graphics, images, photographs and files included in the website (in short, hereinafter “Terms of Use”). Consequently, the user/customer must thoroughly examine the Terms of Use prior to making use of the website’s services and must not use the services or the content of the website if they do not agree with them.

Eroe Athens Jewelry reserves the right to alter the Terms of Use and any of their inextricable constituents unilaterally, at any time and without previous notice. Eroe Athens Jewelry will post the applicable edition of the Terms of Use so that the user/customer remains updated. The user/customer is requested to examine the content of these particular webpages for any changes regularly. Continuing the use of webpages and/or services provided by the website, even after any given alterations, constitutes unconditional agreement with the altered Terms of Use on behalf of the user/customer.

The terms regarding Method of Payment and Shipment, Exchanges and Returns and Privacy Policy, as cited on our website, are inextricable and binding parts of the Terms of Use. 

Our shop is hosted by Shopify Inc., which provides the e-commerce platform that allows us to sell our products and services to the user/customer. 

SECTION 1 – Terms of Online Shop

By agreeing with the Terms of Use, the user/customer states that they are over 18 years old.

The use of this website must be solely for legitimate purposes and in a manner that will not restrict or prevent its use by third parties. The user/customer must comply with the regulations and provisions of the applicable Greek, European and International Law, and is obligated to use the website in compliance with the law, the principles of morality and the present Terms of Use. The user/customer must refrain from any illegitimate and abusive conduct while using the webpage or regarding it and is held liable for any damage caused to our firm and/or third parties due to misuse or fraudulent use of our website and/or any related services provided through it.

For as long as the user/customer uses our website, it is expressly forbidden to introduce bugs, computer viruses, Trojan Horses, or any other technologically damaging or harmful material. Any breach of the terms will result in directly terminating our services for the specific user, and we reserve the right for any other legal claim, including compensation for damages.

The vendor features products on sale in the present website and our online services are available exclusively to its final users, i.e. users/customers.

The vendor retains the right not to execute orders received by users who are not “users/customers”, or any other order that does not comply with the policy of the online shop.

The present Terms of Use exclusively regulate the offer, transfer and acceptance of purchase orders between the “user/customer” and vendor regarding the products in our online shop.

The Terms of Use do not regulate the provision of services or sale of products that may be promoted by third parties and may appear in our website through links, banners or other hyperlinks. Prior to placing orders and buying products and services from third parties, it is recommended that you examine their terms and conditions, as Eroe Athens Jewelry cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for the provision of services by third parties or for online trade transactions between users of our website and third parties.

Online Orders – Acceptance of General Terms of Use and Transactions, Privacy Policy and Return Policy

Prior to submitting your online Order Form in order to purchase products, you will be requested to thoroughly examine the present Terms of Use, Methods of Payment and Shipment, Exchanges and Returns, Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection, as cited in our website.

Through the website https://eroeathens.com we provide information regarding the main features of each ordered product and the price per product (including all applicable fees and taxes), the method of payment that you can use to buy each product, the method of receiving purchased products, the manner in which any complaints are handled by the vendor, shipment and shipment cost, as well as the details, geographical and online address of the vendor and the date by which the vendor agrees to deliver the products.

Eroe Athens Jewelry also provides you with a summary of the conditions that must be fulfilled so that you can exercise the Right of Withdrawal, as stated by the Consumer Protection Code. In any case, our contact details will be provided after your purchase.

By submitting an order form to Eroe Athens Jewelry, you unconditionally agree with and accept the obligation to comply with the provisions of the present General Terms of Transactions included in your contract with the firm. If you do not agree with certain provisions of the General Terms of Transactions, you are requested not to submit an order form to purchase products from our online shop.

By submitting an order form, you state that you acknowledge and accept the present General Terms of Transactions and the further conditions included in the present document, the Methods of Payment and Shipment, Exchanges and Returns, Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection.

Online Orders – Order Tracking

If your order is on the shipment stage and has been delivered to the courier service, you have the right to be informed about the location of your package through the lading number, which will be in the e-mail you receive when your order is en route to delivery.

 Liability for defective products, losses

Our website retains all the obligations towards you as stated by the Civil Code. Especially in case of defect or erroneous shipment of a purchased product, you can – without prejudice to the application of mandatory provisions regarding consumers’ protection (Article 5 Consumer Sales Directive 1999/44/EC regarding aspects of sale and warranty of consumer goods): a) request that the product be repaired or the shipment be rectified free of charge, unless this is unfeasible or requires disproportionate costs, b) have the product replaced with another or c) withdraw following the Withdrawal/Return Procedure.

The above obligations on behalf of our firm cease to exist in case the defect has been caused by you, or the returned product bears damage, scratches or generally appears to have been subject to use other than the one intended and suited for. In any case, all legal documents and receipts required must accompany the products. For the unsuitability of the product to be considered valid, Eroe Athens Jewelry should be informed of and act according to the terms described in the field “Changes and Returns” on our website.

In case the product is lost before its delivery to you, you have the right to withdraw from its purchase and be refunded for any money you have paid for its purchase.

We also inform you that the vendor bears the risk of loss until the product has been delivered to the user/customer or a third party who has received the product on behalf of the user/customer (other than the carrier) and physically possesses the product, at which point the risk passes to the user/customer. In fact, the risk passes to the user/customer once the purchased products have been handed to the carrier, provided the carrier is authorized by the user/customer to deliver the goods and the given option was not offered by our firm, without prejudice to the buyer’s rights, towards the carrier.    

Warranty-Liability Limitations

Eroe Athens Jewelry always acts in good faith and in compliance with the law and the present General Terms and Conditions. Hence, Eroe Athens Jewelry has taken and continues taking all the necessary technical and other measures and makes every possible effort so that:

  • the website and the online shop operate incessantly and efficiently without problems, interruptions, delays or errors.


  • the data/information provided and dispatched through the present website are not contaminated and are protected by creating safety backups, as the safety systems of the present website are subject to restrictions.



  • the technology used by the firm or the Servers, through which our online shop is available to its users, do not contain viruses or any other technologically damaging or harmful material.

However, Eroe Athens Jewelry does not provide guarantee for all the above and is not obligated to provide compensation to users/customers who may suffer any of the damage above through no fault of its own.

Furthermore, Eroe Athens Jewelry provides no warranty regarding:

  • the suitability, efficiency and adequacy of its products in relation to the use you intend to make


  • the proper and required performance of transactional obligations by other users/customers of the website and its services.

Eroe Athens Jewelry makes every possible effort to ensure the maintenance and availability of the website’s content. Nevertheless, users/customers agree that Eroe Athens Jewelry retains the right to alter and/or temporarily or permanently suspend part or the entire website with/without notice to users/customers, given that users’ equipment, other communication networks, the large number of people attempting to use the website simultaneously, or other causes may affect availability.

Consequently, Eroe Athens Jewelry bears no liability for any direct or indirect material damage (due to negligence, contractual or other) caused by the inability to use the website, users’ failure to access it, termination of all or part of it, as well as any errors, disruptions, defects or delays in the website’s operation or low quality reception of its services or loss of its content.

Eroe Athens Jewelry waives any liability for any damage occurring directly or indirectly, accidentally or as a result of, or in any way related to access or use of https://eroeathens.com including, but not limited to, any loss or damage that may occur by viruses that may affect your equipment (PC) or the validity of the information you acquired via https://eroeathens.com

Alterations in services and prices

The prices of our products are subject to change without notice.

We retain the right to alter or suspend our service (all or part of it) at any time and without notice, without bearing any liability towards our users/customers.

Products or Services

Certain products or services may be available exclusively online through our website. These products or services may be of limited availability and are subject to return or exchange only according to the present terms and those included in the field “Exchanges and Returns” on our website. 

We have made every possible effort to illustrate the colors and images of the products on display in our shop as realistically as possible, yet we cannot guarantee that the display of colors of the products will be accurate on every computer screen.

We retain the right to restrict our products or services’ sales per person or geographic location on a case-by-case basis. We retain the right to restrict the quantities of any products or services we offer. All descriptions of products or their prices are subject to change at any time, without notice and at our discretion.

Eroe Athens Jewelry retains the right to terminate the production or sale of any product at any time and all related orders will be considered invalid or non-existent and will not be executed. In such cases, our firm will immediately refund any sum of money the user/customer may have deposited for the unavailable product. Without prejudice to mandatory provisions, Eroe Athens Jewelry explicitly waives liability for direct damage due to slight negligence for the above reasons. Eroe Athens Jewelry fully and expressly waives liability for indirect or consequent damages – regardless of the cause.

Eroe Athens Jewelry retains the right to refuse to execute any order placed by the user/customer. At our discretion, we can restrict or cancel the quantities purchased per person, business or order. These restrictions may include orders placed by the same customer account, the same credit card and/or orders that use the same charging and/or shipment address. If we proceed to a change or a cancellation of an order, you will be contacted by e-mail and/or at the charging address/telephone number you filled in while placing your order. We retain the right to restrict or to prohibit orders which, in our view, seem to be related to any commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activity.

The user/customer agrees to provide current, full and accurate purchase and account information regarding all purchases that occur in our shop. The user/customer agrees to update their account with the requested information, including the e-mail address, credit card number and expiration date, so that Eroe Athens Jewelry can complete the transactions and contact the user/customer, as it is required.

Methods of payment, shipment, exchange and return of products

The specific terms regarding the methods of payment, shipment, exchange, return of products and withdrawal are cited in the pertinent subsections of our website and are in compliance with the provisions of article 513 of the Civil Code, Law 131/2003 on online trade, which harmonized Greek legislation with the 2000/31 Directive/EC (Greek Official Journal 116A’/16-5-2003). The above laws apply to all other cases not described or specified in the terms posted on our website.

Pricing and taxation issues 

For all the following methods of payment, you may request a receipt or invoice.

An invoice may be issued to firms and self-employed persons provided they provide the following details: name of firm, activity, Fiscal Code, Tax office, mobile and landline phone number.

Prices include all legal taxes.

If you are a legal person subject or not subject to taxation and are subject to special taxation measures, the following applies:

If your head office is in Greece and are subject to special taxation measures, you must contact Eroe Athens Jewelry the first time you place an order. The subject’s profession must be proven by the confirmation of the Tax Report, which you must provide along with any other document necessary when requested.  

Provided information

Eroe Athens Jewelry guarantees the accuracy, truth and thoroughness of the information posted on the website of its online shop. The obligation above applies regarding both the information about the firm itself, as well as the information that accompanies the photographs of products available for sale and includes elements referring to their features and properties. Eroe Athens Jewelry is also required to post the photos of the products available in the online shop without subjecting them to any kind of editing or alteration.

The posted photographs depict the products available, exactly as they are.

Eroe Athens Jewelry is not liable for any spelling, computer or printing errors that may exist in the provided information. Eroe Athens Jewelry engages to spot such errors and correct them promptly.

In the event of a printing error in the price of an ordered product, Eroe Athens Jewelry engages to inform the buyer as soon as the error is spotted and, in any case, before the delivery of the product to the buyer. Eroe Athens Jewelry engages to inform the buyer of the discrepancy in the price of the ordered product, as well as of their right to withdraw from the sales contract. In that case, Eroe Athens Jewelry engages to return any payment received by the buyer, including the shipping cost of the product, without delay and definitely within five (5) calendar days from the day when the buyer stated that they wish to withdraw from the contract due to an error in the labelled price of the ordered product.

The vendor proceeds to the above refund using the same medium of payment as the one the buyer used for the initial transaction. If there is a different agreement, the buyer is not burdened with expenses that emerge from the refund.

The vendor does not engage to refund any additional expenses that stem from the buyer’s choice of any delivery method other than the most economical standardized method of delivery used by the vendor.  

Delivery Delay 

Eroe Athens Jewelry makes every possible effort to promptly and efficiently deliver your orders according to the above. Nevertheless, our firm reserves its rights regarding delays in the delivery of products.

The delay in the delivery of products may be due to various facts, among which, given by way of example, force majeure, such as extreme weather phenomena, strikes, or any other event outside our sphere of influence and control, unavailability of products due to them being sold out, or delays in having the product shipped by the manufacturer/provider.   

In case of delay in the delivery of products, we will immediately contact you in order to update you and ask whether you wish to have the ordered delivered without the delayed or unavailable product, or to recommend an alternative, or to inform you of the time of delivery of the product that is not immediately available. If our recommendations do not meet your expectations, you have the right to cancel your order, partly or entirely. In that case, our firm will return any sum of money you may have deposited.

In case of a delay in the delivery of your order, you may contact Eroe Athens Jewelry online at: info@eroeathens.com or by phone at: 2102842493 (weekdays 10:00-18:00) or fill out the contact form here.

Safe Purchasing

Eroe Athens Jewelry realizes the importance of safety of Personal Data, as well as that of online transactions, and we have taken all measures necessary, using the most advanced methods, so that maximum safety possible is secured. All the information regarding our users’/buyers’ personal data are classified confidential in compliance with the present legislation to secure personal data. More specifically:

  • Customer Recognition

While visiting our website, you have the option to become a registered Member and avail yourself of the pertinent member premiums, such as access to and alteration of your personal data, your order history and favourites, your password, your consent or dissent to receiving newsletters etc.


 Access to your personal accounted is granted through special entry codes. The codes used for user/customer recognition are two: The Username and Password, which grant access ensuring the absolute safety of your personal data every time they are used.


You may alter your Password as frequently as you wish and you are the only person who has access to your data through the codes above. You and only you are responsible for retaining its privacy against third parties. In the event of its loss or leak, you will need to notify Eroe Athens Jewelry immediately, otherwise it cannot be held liable for the use of the secret password by unauthorized persons.


Under no circumstances does our online shop disclose or publish user’/customers’ personal data or information. The personal data are kept exclusively to ensure proper execution of transactions. All the information is encrypted and safely guarded.

  • Encryption

In the online shop https://eroeathens.com, encryption TLS 1.1 with encryption protocol 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL) is used for all the information and personal data of the user/customer, from the cart until the end of the purchase procedure. Essentially, the encryption is a way of encoding the information until it reaches its specific recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key. During the process of receiving an order, the entire communication between the user’s computer and the firm’s systems is encrypted by using an encryption key, meaning that each time information is sent to the system, the browser first encrypts it using the encryption key and then sends it to the system. The firm’s system first encrypts the received information using the same key (which is pre-designated upon the user’s connection to the service) and then processes it. The firm’s systems relay information following the same encryption process.



SECTION 2 – General Terms


Content disclaimer


At all times, https://eroeathens.com retains the right to temporarily or permanently suspend part or all of its operation for maintenance or upgrading purposes or for any other reasons.


At all times, at our discretion and without penalty, Eroe Athens Jewelry retains the right to suspend or terminate the provision of its services and/or its operation temporarily or permanently without being obligated to notify the users beforehand. Eroe Athens Jewelry is liable only for direct damages caused with intent or due to serious negligence of https://eroeathens.com. Without prejudice to mandatory provisions, the liability of https://eroeathens.com for direct damage due to slight negligence is expressly excluded, irrespective of legal grounds. The liability of https://eroeathens.com for indirect or consequent damages is also expressly excluded, irrespective of grounds.


Despite every possible effort Eroe Athens Jewelry makes to ensure easy access to the website https://eroeathens.com, the dynamic nature of the Internet and the web content may not allow https://eroeathens.com to operate without pauses, interruptions or discontinuity due to website updating.


Eroe Athens Jewelry is not liable for any technical problems occurring to users/customers when they attempt to access the website and during their visit, which are related with the operation or compatibility of their infrastructure with the use of the website. Additionally, the firm is not liable for acts and omissions by third parties and especially for unauthorized interventions by third parties in products and/or services and/or information which is distributed through the firm.


Our firm has implemented adequate technical and organizational safety measures for the protection of the services provided by https://eroeathens.com, the integrity of the circulated data and online communications, in order to prevent unauthorized use or access to data, leaking hazards, destruction and loss of data or confidential/non-confidential information regarding users of  https://eroeathens.com, as well as to avoid unauthorized or illegal access to the data and information above.


In addition to what is expressly specified in the present document, our firm bears no civil, penal or other liability towards you and/or any third party whose rights derive from you, if any one of the above suffers direct, indirect, consequent, material, financial or other damages during the use of services and/or products of the website, which are due to:


  • acts, omissions, technical obstructions, damage or malfunction of telecommunication networks, the Internet, the website or the Internet Service Providers
  • permanent or temporary shutdown of the website or some of its services and/or discontinuation of some products from the online shop.
  • events, situations, acts and/or omissions of https://eroeathens.com or third parties, including other users/customers, for which Eroe Athens Jewelry does not provide warranties and bears no liability according to the present document
  • information and other content that third parties may publish and share


Access to and use of https://eroeathens.com, including viewing websites, contacting the firm, downloading information on products and making purchases from the website, is granted to users exclusively for personal purposes, which may not be related to any commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activity in any way.


The user/customer and consumer of the website https://eroeathens.com is the only one exclusively responsible for the legitimate use of the website, the online shop and its contents, and is obligated to refrain from any illegal action and abusive behavior, as well as from adopting illegal and anti-competitive practices. Membership is restricted to natural or legal persons with full legal capacity.


Eroe Athens Jewelry bears no liability for the use of the website https://eroeathens.com and its content by any of its users who do not adhere to the applicable laws and regulations, without prejudice to the firm’s liability for offences of intent and serious negligence.


Specifically, the user/customer/consumer of the website https://eroeathens.com is exclusively responsible for the legitimacy and accuracy of the information, data and details they provide to https://eroeathens.com, as well as for any illegal use of the data or information mentioned, which the firm has no obligation or responsibility to control, unless this has been imposed by law following a complaint.


The firm engages to protect the personal data of users/customers of the website https://eroeathens.com and all of its webpages and adhere to the pertinent provisions regarding personal data protection (4624/2019 on protecting the person from personal data processing).


For this reason, no information regarding users/customers’ personal data is gathered, unless it is willingly disclosed. The provision of details that constitute personal data is not required in order to browse https://eroeathens.com or to access its content, apart from cases when the user makes a purchase or wishes to access offers that require membership to https://eroeathens.com.




If the visitor wishes to become a member of eroeathens.com, the registration procedure is quick and simple. After you put a product in the cart and choose to continue to payment, the system will instruct you to sign up as a member by creating an account.


You can sign up for membership from the beginning of your visit, by selecting “Sign up” on the menu, on the top right corner of the webpage.


By inserting the requested personal data (first and last name, current e-mail address, personal code) and accepting the General Terms of Use, the General Terms of Transactions and the Personal Data Protection Policy, you become a Member of eroeathens.com and a Member Account is created for you.


Your registration and participation as a member is free of charge, personal, nontransferable and unassignable. You are liable for the data you insert and eroeathens.com relies exclusively on your statements regarding your personal details. The personal details you insert when signing up for membership are processed by our firm exclusively for the following purposes:


- To create your account in eroeathens.com, through which you are able to monitor the course of your order, your transaction history, your personal details etc.

- To ensure communication between us regarding your transactions with us (e.g. completion, shipment and delivery of your order, payment and safe financial transaction)

- To send you informative, advertising and promotion material regarding our firm’s products and services, provided you consent to it. As far as collection and process of personal data is concerned, the terms and conditions of the Personal Data Protection Policy, which have been posted on our website, apply.


It is prohibited to reproduce, by any means and in any form, the entire or part of eroeathens.com and its content. Eroe Athens Jewelry has the exclusive right to approve or prohibit any reproduction (direct or indirect, temporary or permanent or by any other means or in any other form, partly or entirely) of eroeathens.com and its content. The reproduction of part of or the entire of eroeathens.com and its content in any form is not permitted without our written consent/authorization.


Regarding the use of eroeathens.com, only the viewing of the website and its content is permitted. Additionally, it is permitted to conduct the rest of the temporary reproduction actions, which are transient or incidental and constitute a basic and indispensable part of viewing eroeathens.com and its content, and have no independent financial significance. Additionally, it is permitted to browse the website in order to legally use eroeathens.com and its content.


It is prohibited to use the eroeathens.com Website and Online shop to send, publish or spread, in any way, illegal, threatening, offensive, slandering, explicit, vulgar and immoral material, which may express or encourage racial, national or other discriminations and damage third parties in any way.


If, upon our request or on the user’s initiative, a user/customer sends creative ideas, recommendations or comments, design or further material, via e-mail, post or other, or they participate in an Eroe Athens Jewelry contest, then, by accepting the present terms, they provide us with their full consent and permission to process, copy, publish, distribute, translate and use the above in any other way, at any time and without restrictions. The use of the above is prohibited if the user/customer objects to their use expressly and in writing. The objection must be stated alongside with the submission of the comments, recommendations, participation etc. mentioned above. https://eroeathens.com expressly waives liability for any direct, indirect or consequential damages caused by the publication of users/customers’ comments, if they don’t contain illegal, threatening, offensive, slandering, explicit, vulgar and immoral material, which may express or encourage racial, national or other discriminations and damage third parties in any way.


Personal Data Protection


The management and protection of your Personal Data are regulated by the terms of Personal Data Protection Policy, Cookies Policy and the pertinent provisions of both Greek, European and International Law regarding people’s protection from personal data processing, as well as by the Resolutions of the Data Protection Authority.


For information regarding your personal data, the processing they undergo by eroeathens.com and its purposes, their recipients and other related information regarding their protection and safety, you may refer to the related link of our website in order to read and accept the relevant terms.


Prohibited actions/access


The user/customer is prohibited from engaging in any acts or omissions involving viruses or other software that may cause disruption, damage, destruction or hindrance to the function of any software, or damage the reputation and good name of our firm, our associates and connected firms and/or other users/customers/consumers, or acts and omissions that may breach any personal or other data of this Website/Online Shop’s users/customers/consumers.


It is also prohibited:


  1. to access or attempt to access information and data (including personal data) which are circulated through the website and the user/customer has no authority or jurisdiction to use.
  2. to access our online shop with the aim of producing or creating a product or service that competes with the products/services of Eroe Athens Jewelry and the website eroeathens.com.
  3. to enable third parties, in any way and by any means, to gain access to the data provided to eroeathens.com by its members.
  4. to engage in any form of software piracy, hacking and/or tapping, copy, digital/analog recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transport, downloading, alteration, resale, or derivative processing of data (including personal data) and information, including both content and material (photos, graphics, texts etc.) of the website.


Links to other webpages

The website eroeathens.com may cite references and links to third parties’ websites, that is provide users/customers with the opportunity to browse – through special links, hyperlinks, banners, videos – third parties’ websites, which are in no way related to eroeathens.com or Eroe Athens Jewelry.

Eroe Athens Jewelry does not represent, control or monitor the mentioned third parties’ websites or their content, therefore it cannot be held liable for the content of those websites and/or the rules they have applied regarding, namely but not limited to, the protection and processing of users/customers’ personal data, the quality, validity, legitimacy, completeness, timeliness and accuracy of the provided information. Additionally, it cannot be held liable for the properties of the products or services provided by the above websites.

We recommend that you be careful when accessing those websites through links appearing on eroeathens.com and that you thoroughly read their terms of use and privacy policy. The General Terms of Use, the Terms of Transactions and the Personal Data Protection Policy of Eroe Athens Jewelry do not apply to third parties’ websites.

The website eroeathens.com provides links to other websites with the sole intent to facilitate its visitors/users/consumers when searching and browsing online, while the cited websites are subject to their own terms of use.

 The placement of banners by the website eroeathens.com does not constitute approval or acceptance of the content of these websites by Eroe Athens Jewelry and we are not liable for the content, errors or malfunctions in third parties’ websites, or for any damage or injury suffered by users/customers, as the user/customer access them at their own risk. 

Intellectual Property Rights

The content of eroeathens.com which includes - namely but not limited to - works, depictions, images, dialogues, music, sound, video, documents, sketches, sizes, logos or any other material appearing on eroeathens.com in any form, such as menu, webpages, graphics, colours, designs, tools, typefaces, webpage design, diagrams, structure, methods, procedures, functions and software that are part of eroeathens.com, is protected by copyright and all other intellectual property rights of  Eroe Athens Jewelry and the respective holders.

Liability of users/customers of the online shop – access and use

The user/customer undertakes the obligation to cover any damage to Eroe Athens Jewelry or its collaborating firms, caused by the use of the present website and the user/customer’s account by people not authorized by them.

The user/customer is exclusively responsible for evaluating and selecting products and services provided by the website eroeathens.com. Eroe Athens Jewelry bear no responsibility regarding the correctness of the user/customer’s selection, or any incompatibilities among products selected by them. 

 Nullity of general term of use or online shop.

Provided the law or an ad hoc court verdict renders a general term of transaction or terms of use of the present website invalid, relative nullity of the respective term or terms ensues, without, in principle, resulting in nullity of the rest of the terms, which remain valid and whose void is covered by a relevant state law provision, or, in its absence, by the application of the interpretative rule of contracts under Article 200 of the Civic Code, unless it is proved that the parts would not proceed with the transaction or the use of the website without the term in discussion.


Any disagreement between the contracting parties regarding the application, interpretation, nullity of Terms of Use, the existence or not of rights and obligations by contract or delict, is interpreted according to Greek Law and is under the jurisdiction of the duly empowered Athens courts, under whose jurisdiction the parts willingly submit themselves as of today.

The Present Terms of Use are regulated by Greek Law and among its main provisions are the Greek Ministerial Decree 31619/15.3.2017 by the Minister of Economy and Development (OJ B’ 969) about Code of Conduct in Online Trade, as well as the Greek Presidential Decree number 131 which adapts to Directive 2000/31 of the European Parliament and Council about certain aspects of online trade.

Athens’ Courts have jurisdiction over any disagreement.

Alternatively, extra-judicial settlements can be reached through the European Body for Alternative Dispute Resolution. In particular, according to Directive 2013/11/EP, which was incorporated in Greek Law through Joint Ministerial Decision 70330/2015, the option of resolving consumers’ disagreements online is available by means of Alternative Dispute Resolution. So long as the customer has the properties of a consumer (which means they are a natural person acting outside their professional occupation) and has any problem with the purchase they made from our website, may set the ADR process in motion through the unified online dispute resolution platform (ODR platform).

Contact Information

You can send any inquiries regarding the Terms of Service Provision to info@eroeathens.com or fill out the communication form here.